Welcome note from the CEO
Johan Lucas explains: “We believe we must respect our customers and earn their trust whilst tackling their business related challenges with courage, faith and perseverance in order to experience the joy of growing them and ultimately the broader community, South Africa and the rest of the world.”

Welcome to Lucas and Associates

We believe that Lucas and Associates have both the skills and passion to assist businesses and people in achieving sustainable growth, creating jobs, facilitating employee training and maximizing opportunities in a legal and safe environment whilst benefiting from our past experiences.

Now being in business since 18 September 2012 with offices in Pietermaritzburg and Pretoria we are fast earning a reputation of unwavering ethics and providing quality advice in often complex business deals and Receiver of Revenue matters.

Numerous customers have gained from our accounting and taxation skills.

Our motto: “Growing Businesses and People”

For us GROWING©stands for:

Goal focused and results driven;

Respect for people and responsibility for actions;

Objectivity and honesty in dealings and communication;

Warm and passionate about what is being done;

Innovative team, leading to success;

Nuts and bolts are essential – ensure the details and basics are in place;

Gainful to customers in terms of service offering, quality and costs.

 Our unique blend of technical skills, training and coaching of management and leadership skills, would enable businesses and individuals engaging us to GROW from strength to strength. Match this with our hunger to deliver and agility to fit in with customer requirements and you would experience excellent tailor made customer service.

We are committed to the establishment and nurturing of GROWING partnerships between Lucas and Associates and the communities we serve.

We practice sound corporate governance based on our Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

Black Economic Empowerment

Black economic empowerment (BEE) is a strategic imperative for Lucas and Associates.

We are fully aware that our future success, growth and sustainability depend on it. We firmly believe in the value of individual acceptance, equality, humanity and fairness.

We will pursue and promote all facets of empowerment in our business with particular emphasis on the development, promotion and recruitment of previously disadvantaged individuals, including physically disabled persons, into Lucas and Associates.

Our BEE strategic plan, with targets would direct the actions of Lucas and Associates into the future. It will form part of our goals and measurable objectives.

Part of our plan is to become active financiers in the development and implementation of education bursaries, scholarships and training centres within the financial, economic and management sciences with particular emphasis on community based projects within previously disadvantaged communities, with a means to integrating potential candidates into the Lucas and Associates working environment.

Employment Equity

Lucas and Associates embraces the values and the principles of Article 9 of the Constitution of South Africa, and the Employment Equity Act as well as other employment policy documents and statutory instruments.

Lucas and Associates acknowledges the importance of employment equity in the workplace. Our business strategy is to ensure that within this framework our workforce stays competent, relevant and motivated.

Preferential Procurement

At Lucas and Associates, we acknowledge the prescripts as contained in the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act, as legislated in South Africa, and would apply such in the award of contracts to our suppliers where it is to the best advantage to our customers.

Professional Membership

The firm’s professionals and associates are, amongst others, members of the South African Institute of Tax Practitioners (SAIT), the Southern African Institute for Business Accountants (SAIBA) and the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA).

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