About Us


About Lucas and Associates

Lucas and Associates offers accounting, forensic auditing, tax, transformational training and advisory services. An important consideration when engaging us is our flexibility through our associate network. In this manner we can pull in expertise at any given time helping our customers to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities. We will be unlocking innovation and productivity in the businesses of our customers.

Our people embrace the values of Lucas and Associates. These values determine how we interact with our customers and with each other. They define what we stand for and how we do things.

Our business and the community’s success are inextricably linked. Hence our motto: “Growing Businesses and People”.

For the community to prosper, business must also thrive. Our business must drive innovation. Through its investments of money and time, products, and services, we will contribute to the community’s progress and well-being.

Meet the Team

JohanLucas" Matthew Lucas
Johan Lucas
Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Lucas
Director – Financial &
Management Services

Shareholding and Voting Rights

Name Effective Voting Rights
Lucas & Associates (Pty) Ltd
J Lucas et al 25%
SJ Lucas et al 10%
NT During et al 10%
JM Lucas et al 15%
MJ Lucas et al 25%
ML Mchunu et al 15%

Vision of Lucas and Associates

Our vision is:

“Within the next five years we will become the first point of call when there is a management advisory, forensic investigation, human resource, training and people development and accounting services need”

Lucas and Associates will, as we grow:

“Invest in the communities within South Africa to develop the accounting, taxation and forensic fraternities by engaging in social and community based projects and establishing an investment vehicle for facilitating education of said communities”

The second aspect to our Vision will be run by an Investment Trust.

Mission Statement of Lucas and Associates

We are committed in our strategic mission to:

  • The development of our staff;
  • The pursuance of a performance culture;
  • Striving for continuous improvement in the quality of services we render;
  • Advocating and practicing social responsibility;
  • Extraordinary and cost effective service delivery within the boundaries of our core values;
  • Acting in a responsible manner in every endeavour we are involved with;
  • Being loyal to our stakeholders and easy to do business with;
  • Financial responsibility and capital efficiency;
  • Nurturing the innovative initiatives of employees;
  • Treating people with respect and dignity; and
  • Adherence to our Code of Conduct.

The strategic mission is further expanded on for the activities falling under the Investment Trust by including:

  • The systematic development and implementation of community based projects for the
    upliftment of previously disadvantaged groups and individuals in the financial, economic and management sciences fields, through the offering of financing, grants and bursaries.
  • The systematic development and implementation of employee projects for the upliftment of employees in the financial, economic and management sciences fields, through the offering of financing, grants and bursaries.
  • The systematic development and implementation of education based projects for the upliftment of previously disadvantaged students in the financial, economic and management sciences fields, through the offering of financing, grants and bursaries.

Code of Ethics of Lucas and Associates


Our ethics are the principles and standards that we adopt to guide us in our day-to-day business activities and in governing our professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders in accordance with our established corporate values.

We firmly believe that ethical business conduct stems from a moral base which remains beyond reproach, which is mirrored by our corporate values, and provides a strong measure of our organisational integrity that must integrate seamlessly into our business culture, motivate our strategy, business goals, policies, procedures, controls and activities with the purpose of being able to grow not only Lucas and Associates but also other businesses and people.

We insist in the total commitment of the board, senior management and all team members,
including associates, to the Code of Ethics. The team is responsible for the implementation of the Code within the company, arranging training programmes to develop the team, where required, and ensure that our Code is effectively communicated to clients.

Our Code of Ethics

  • Abiding, at all times, with the laws, regulations, policies and directives of the country or countries, as the case may be, for the successful completion of our engagements;
  • Complying with the code of conduct of all professional and industrial bodies to which we, our clients and our staff belong;
  • Respecting and fair treatment of each other, our stakeholders, our clients and the community at large by avoiding and condemning any form of discrimination;
  • Accepting responsibility for our actions, admitting our mistakes and taking steps to remedy them and striving for continuous improvement;
  • Non-provision, facilitation, condoning or receiving of bribes of any kind nor do we choose to be associated with persons who would;
  • Not divulge any information to any party, or make improper use of company and or customer information;
  • Utilizing our assets and resources with great care and responsibility (including time) and identifying that we should afford that same measure and degree of diligence and due care to our clients for the same;
  • Marketing of our products and services honestly and charging the agreed fee, or where no fee was agreed, a fair fee;
  • Not attempting to advance our personal interests at the expense of our Vision, our stakeholders or our clients; and
  • Not partaking in any action(s) or scheme(s) that cannot withstand public disclosure and scrutiny, which would be detrimental to our reputation.