We firmly believe that many entrepreneurs start up with a brilliant idea and then struggle and fail once the honeymoon is over, as they have not yet mastered the technical and soft skills (financial and administration) to run their own businesses.

Some know it is essential to have a plan but are too “busy” to write it down and determine goals. Even when they do, monitoring progress against the set goals and then assessing risks and planning to mitigate those, are often neglected.

Interviews with small business owners indicate that many do not regard having a plan as essential as “they can remember what needs to be done” or “I keep a diary!” involving their workers in the planning process and success of the business is for many a foreign concept, “I am the boss so how can my staff help or be of value?” or “The buck stops with me so I make all the decisions!”

When a business survives the “small” phase and starts progressing to a medium sized company the growth brings with it many challenges. The Boss now doesn’t have time to attend to everything, needs to delegate, rely on policies, systems and Standard Operating Procedures, which often are not in place or are of poor quality. The result is frustration, lost opportunities and negative impact on the bottom line.

We believe we can make a huge impact to help small and medium sized businesses with these challenges and facilitate sustainable growth for them.

Our aim is, as we grow, to target big businesses as we are sure we have a flagship product and skills that could assist any size business.

We will provide small and medium sized businesses:

  • Accounting, Bookkeeping and Taxation Services;
  • Management Advisory Services;
  • Occupational Health & Safety Consulting
  • Corporate & Personal Security Consulting;
  • Training and Coaching Sessions / Seminars / Workshops;
  • Forensic Investigations; and
  • ISO Compliance Audits & Consulting.

that are cutting edge, reliable and affordable resulting in:

  • client education;
  • skills transfer to clients; and
  • developing their ability to acquire the right resources;

necessary to build self-sufficient, prosperous businesses and lives for our customers namely,

 “Growing Businesses and People